A list of our services

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Notary Office ENCHO ENCHEV is executing all types of notarial authentication, provided for by law, in particular:

1. Immobility transactions /sales, barters, grants, contracts for the provision of care and alimony, etc./

2. Mortgages

3. Bequeathals

4. Agreements on voluntary partition of property

5. Vehicles’ transactions

6. Drafting and verification of signature, date and content of any type of proxies

7. Consulting, drafting and certification of pre-nuptial agreements

8. Verifying the accuracy of transcripts of official and private documents /preparation of tender documents/

9. Serving notary invitations

10. Consultation, preparation and verification of signatures and content of contracts for transfer of share participation, shares, cessions and other corporate transactions.

11.Consultation, preparation and verification of signatures and content of loan agreements, rent, lease, copyright, etc.


Upon client’s request, Notaries’ advise, participation in negotiations and complete preparation of documents mentioned under the paragraphs above.

The organization of the business’ allows us to perform the prescribed statutory certifications in the office or the home of the customer.